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Geochemistry is a cost-efficient, cost-effective approach to obtaining a direct and detailed understanding of your petroleum fluid systems. Unlock your assets’ full potential through APT’s geochemistry and basin modeling solutions.

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Unleash the Power of Geochemistry

Many operators are unaware that geochemistry can be used, to great success, right across the asset lifecycle – in both conventional and unconventional settings. From understanding hydrocarbon richness & potential during exploration & appraisal to evaluating well integrity during production, our team of industry experts can support you at any stage of your asset’s lifecycle.

Unlock Your Reservoirs

With the largest in-house team of industry-leading geochemists and 20+ years in the industry, we assist operators in meeting their objectives through our integrated analytical and consulting services. Ranging from screening and resource density workflows (TOC & Bulk Pyrolysis) to detailed geochemical evaluations (GC, MS, Isotopes) focused around: drainage height, optimization parameters and source contribution determinations (APT Allomon®).

Petroleum Geochemistry

Analyzing the chemical and isotopic composition of petroleum and related rocks and fluids with the help of fingerprinting, stable isotope analyses, screening & resource density workflows, and detailed geochemical evaluations.

Tight & Heavy Oil Plays

Evaluate and quantify vertical contributions from potential drainage formations through oil-in-place (OOIP), fluid fingerprints, and geochemical workflows.

Petroleum Systems Modeling

Full analysis of your prospective area from source rock and fluid sampling to lab analysis, oil correlations to aging of sediments, and data interpretation to full integration with your geological interpretations.


Bespoke software solutions that complement our analysis and integration services.


In-person and on-demand training on a range of applied topics in geochemistry and basin modeling.

Multiclient Studies

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Don't let Your Legacy Data go to Waste

It may come as a surprise, but a lot of geochemical data is cross-compatible, depending upon the analyses and methods, and can be integrated with your current project data sets, adding greater coverage and context. Some common forms of legacy data we work with include mud logs (via APT Girasol) and organic data from screening (RE, TOC) through to in-depth geochemical analyses (e.g. GC, GCGC, MS, MSMS), all of which our experts can help you make the most of.

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How does APT ensure the 1D and 3D models are well calibrated?
We provide a full integration service where our experienced technical staff can help put the results of the laboratory analysis into context if you wish. This can be in the form of fully integrated basin models, Hot Spot (Zetware) databases, and fully integrated reports.
How does APT ensure the highest quality results?
APT is proud to have specialist laboratories and experienced staff to best handle your samples. We strive to ensure we deliver the highest quality data and consistent results. APT complies with the following Norwegian and International standards: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015
Can you integrate the lab analysis with our in-house data?
APT provides a complete integration service where our experienced geochemists can evaluate APT data and any legacy results you might have as part of your project.
Do you provide training on your services and products?
We would be pleased to put together a bespoke training program to help you and your team to gain greater knowledge in the following areas: geochemistry, biostratigraphy, petroleum systems modeling, data integration, and data visualization.


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